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We pride ourselves on providing the fastest, most efficient and most affordable mobile device repair service in the BC Lower Mainland. Although we have locations across Canada, from Moncton to Calgary we do service British Columbia with pride. Our technicians can repair everything from broken or cracked iPhone 7/8 LCD screens to smashed iPad tablet screens. We can even diagnose liquid damaged devices and buy old phones for cash on the spot. No matter what your issue is, feel free to contact us for a hassle-free diagnosis – we’ll take a look at your phone for free!

Abbotsford’s Fastest and Most Convenient Phone Repair Pros

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Speedy Service

No one can stand being the one person at the party with a broken or cracked phone screen – and we certainly don’t want you to be that person. Bring in your smashed or blemished LCD screen and our techs can have it fixed with a high quality replacement in under an hour in the vast majority of cases.

iPad Tablet Repairs

If you’ve ever broken an iPad you know that Apple notoriously does not service these devices and it can be a pain to get a quality, durable replacement to iPad 3/4 and Air LCD digitizers. We have the best quality parts in BC and can get these repairs turned around in 24 hours or less in most cases.

Free Diagnosis

Not sure what’s wrong with your phone? Often times the problem isn’t as clear as a broken LCD screen, but fear not – we can definitely diagnose these cases and solve the problem for you. The best part? We won’t charge you if we can’t resolve the problem and we’ll only charge you once the original issue is resolved.

Buy / Sell Used Devices

Get a head start on the cost of the annual iPhone or Samsung release by selling your old phone back to us! We’ll give you cash on the spot for your cell phone or tablet no matter the condition or model. Pricing obviously varies depending on the cosmetic condition but don’t hesitate to give us a shout to sell your used phone today!

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