iPhone Backlight Filter/Diode/IC Repairs

For experienced repair technicians, a back light issue can either be an incredibly simply problem, or a pain in the ass. The ability for this problem to be solved in-house depends on your proficiency and level of repair experience, but in either case our mail-in service is designed to handle 1 or 100 devices with any sort of back light issue (repair, replace, diagnose, etc). If your repair shop is constantly dealing with trade-in’s, wholesale lots or damaged LCD screens we are the best mail-in solution for getting these fixed without sending them out of the country or waiting over a week for a repair.

Your Source For Professional Backlight Repairs, Replacement & Diagnosis

  • Backlight Filter/IC/Coil Replacement

  • All Repairs Come With w/ Next Day Shipping

  • Bulk Discounts Available

Common iPhone iPhone 6/6S Backlight Issues

For repair shops trying to dominate their local market, turning around damaged or inexpensively acquired devices is crucial. If you’re buying phones locally that may have logic board or LCD issues you aren’t able to simply swap out we are the partner you’re looking for. From FPC connector issues, to burnt out or water damaged backlights we can quickly and economically fix most issues a basic repair shop would consider out-of-scope. If you’ve had a junior tech fail to disconnect the battery before the LCD flex and burnt out a backlight filter – we’ve got you covered. If you’ve got customers unbroken screens and want to turn those over into quality stock that is something we can also assist with.

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