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The chances of you dropping your iPhone, iPad or Android and breaking the screen are slim – or at least that’s what you say when you get your phone out of the package for the first time. Your perspective definitely changes when you end up dropping your device on concrete and you hear that sickening crack as the LCD shatters. Our service is here to make this unfortunate reality that many Hamilton residents face easier. Our professionally trained technicians can get simple issues like broken screens, batteries, and home/power buttons repaired the same day in most cases. We can also diagnose unresponsive phones and more problematic issues – even water damage.

Replacing these iPhone issues can be easy if you have the Apple Care replacement warranty – and it’s definitely possible, even if you didn’t opt for the extra warranty, there are still options. However for someone pondering a newer iPhone 7, the reality is that dumping $150+ into fixing a cosmetic scratch on an iPhone 5 is it’s just not realistic. Skip the Apple Store if it’s not feasible and we can get your screen replaced using high quality OEM parts today!

Get your broken screen fixed TODAY!

Fast Repairs

Getting around without a phone is a really big inconvenience. We do our best to get you back up and running, and can get a simple LCD screen replacement one within 1 hour. For an even more convenient and seamless experience we can provide an on-site service for a small additional fee.

Full Warranty

Unlike other fly by night shops, we use high quality parts andstand by all our repairs with an extensive warranty. This protects you from defective components on our side, but doesn’t warranty physical damage or liquid damage.

Carrier Unlocking

Flexibility is freedom, and if you want the ability to use your iPhone, Android or other cell phone with any carrier across Canada or worldwide, our 24 hour unlocking service is the best solution for you.

Issues We Fix

  • Cracked or Broken LCD Screens
  • Poor Battery Life
  • Home/Power Buttons Stuck or Unresponsive
  • Liquid Damage Diagnosis or Cleanup
  • Carrier Unlocking
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