How Much Is My Macbook Worth?

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Whether it’s for better or for worse, when it comes time to get rid of your Macbook you want the top dollar paid for your valuable hardware. Macbook Pro’s and Air laptops are well known for retaining their value compared to Windows based laptops and other tablets.

The aim of this post will be to establish a baseline for the factors that increase the value of your laptop, as well as those that would decrease we buy used or broken Macbooks the value. You want the most moolah possible, and we want to give it to you! Let’s break down some of the factors that we look for when from customers.

Release Year?

This one is obvious – the older your laptop is, the more it will struggle with newer applications. There still is a market for used Macbooks and we do buy them frequently, however in general the release year of your Mac is a big indicator of the speed and efficiency of the hardware that can be found inside. To find this information, select the Apple Menu, then About This Mac. The screen should look like the image below, and it’s a super-easy way to get to this pertinent information.


Retina Display?

As of 2013 and 2014 Macbook released their retina displays which are way more high definition than traditional LCD screens. The IPS (interplane switching) displays have more pixel density than pre-2013 devices and they make a huge difference for those consumers that might use their machines for video-editing or visual heavy tasks. This can also be found on the About Your Mac screen as detailed above.

Functioning Condition?

To be clear, we buy all Macbooks no matter what the condition. However if you want the top value in terms of cash, keeping your Macbook in a hard shell case from day one to prevent physical damage to the chassis is one of the easiest ways to make sure we can give you the most for your laptop. Other basic functions like screens, keyboards, and vital ports should be in working condition, but we can still purchase unresponsive or liquid damaged laptops anytime.

Battery Life

Macbooks are well known for their extensive battery life, but they do eventually come to an abrupt end. The longer the battery life lasts on your device is definitely co-related with your release year and age of the laptop overall. If your battery sucks, you can easily get it replaced – or if you simply want to move on and get a fresh new laptop and we can assist you with that buying decision, let’s definitely do it.


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