iPhone 6 Battery Replacements For $35 in Canada

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If you’re still clutching an iPhone 5S or 6 – I can safely assume you currently  hate your battery life and how it has a an inappropriate amount of control over your life and how you can use your own iPhone.

Data plans and apps have expanded to make streaming 1080p video and music 24/7 very easy, but your 1810mAH battery is still living in 2014 when the iPhone 6 was initially released by Apple.

The third-party independent repair industry has been replacing batteries for years now, but many people are not aware that you can rejuvenate your otherwise good condition iPhone with a new battery and get a few more months or years out of it.

Apple Admits Slowing Down YOUR iPhone

Citing user experience Apple has actually admitted to slowing down and essentially throttling battery life with each subsequent iOS update. This has long been a hunch by avid Reddit users on the /r/iphone subreddit who notice a considerable slowdown when moving up with newer versions of the iPhone iOS.

Other tech blogs, most notably Geekbench have proven that over the course of iOS 10.2 to 11.2 the iPhone 6 and 6S have been slowed down significantly.

Apple’s defense is they claim this is a proactive measure to avoid random shutdowns which admittedly can be frustrating for some users, more so than a stealth slowdown. This is shaky ground though, as your device shouldn’t be slowing down or randomly shutting off.

It’s also quite literally causing people to purchase entirely new phones when they may be fine simply replacing the internal lithium-ion battery in their existing device. This type of planned obsolescence is what many people find distasteful about Apple and in our opinion is quite justified.

The $29 iPhone 6/6S Battery Replacement Comes to Canada

In response to this shit storm, Apple will begin offering $29 battery replacements for anyone with an iPhone 6 and above starting at the end of January.

This would normally cost $79 – so at $29 it’s a significant savings. It also represents a win for the consumer – often left behind and without recourse when these issues are suspected, as they long were before but usually dismissed as conspiracy theories.

The battery replacements can be done at Apple, but with this price point being so – wait for it – reasonable – it’s making waves in the third party repair market.

Most local phone repair shops in London and across Canada would preform a battery replacement in about 30 minutes and for about $50-60. These are using third party or OEM batteries – which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just due to the fact that legal trouble is abound for anyone that claims to have Apple Original batteries.

iPhone 6 Battery Replacement Costs & Procedure Explained

So the question is – how should you go about getting your iPhone 6/6S/6+ battery replaced, what’s the best place to get it done (if not Apple directly), or should you just get a new phone?

Going to An Apple Store for A $29 Battery Fix


  • Official source
  • Often convenient (depending on if an Apple store is within a reasonable distance from you)
  • Very reasonable pricing
  • “No questions asked” battery replacement –


  • Expect delays – need to make an appointment at the Genius Bar
  • Apple Store’s usually don’t have very convenient hours and are located in malls (i.e. parking nightmare)
  • Not available until late January.

Third Party Independent Repair Shops For Battery Replacements


  • Many shops matching Apple’s $35 Canadian price point
  • Often able to either do repairs within 15 minutes or on-site for extra convenience that Apple does not seem to offer.
  • OEM batteries are zero cycle and just as good as Apple – can also be verified in most cases.


  • Not all shops will be using OEM batteries – some are low quality and can be manufactured with recycled materials. Look for previous positive reviews before proceeding.
  • Not all shops may match Apple’s pricing as they know demand at the retail outlets will be incredibly high
  • Third party repair shops have varying warranties and if you have Apple Care this voids the warranty (if you still have it of course)




DIY Battery Replacement Kits for iPhone 5/6/7 Devices

The most cost efficient and speedy way to get that fresh battery life feeling in your lagging device would definitely be replacing the battery yourself using OEM batteries which are surprisingly easy to acquire within Canada, and replace within minutes.

For those with a little elbow grease, a totally OEM, zero cycle lithium-ion battery can be had for about $15, and with only half a dozen screws holding it in place with an iPhone 6, this is by far a very simple repair for anyone to complete.

We primarily recommend Matrix Mobile Parts for our iPhone batteries. They are reasonably priced and are shipped out within Canada so you avoid the long wait times associated with packages coming from the Far East or the States and their overpowered dollar.

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