iPhone 6 Replacement Digitizer LCD

Whether you are a burgeoning repair shop or a DIY customer looking to teach yourself how to fix a cell phone screen, this is one of the highest quality replacement LCD’s on the market and includes original OEM components.

This is not an Aftermarket or Copy LCD

Our LCD’s are original components that have been refurbished and hand-tested prior to shipping. Unlike aftermarket screens, you get the original OEM quality LCD, which means no washed out colors, perfect white balance and original flex cable. No more consistency issues for shops looking to offer a premium product and no more defective stock ruining potential sales.

We refurbish these iPhone 6 and 6S LCD’s ourselves at our in-house facility in Winnipeg, backed by a lifetime warranty and hand tested to ensure they are up to par with the quality standards we uphold in our three local shops. Save time and money compared to going directly to Apple and use the best available replacement components on the market.

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