iPhone 6 Rear Aluminium Housing Replacement

Switch out your iPhone’s entire housing and get that perfect polished look that you haven’t had since you opened it up the first day you got it. Scuffs, dings and other signs of wear can reduce the resale value of your phone, and not everyone is kosher with a bulky or extremely colourful case.

Replacement housing is easy to install if you have phone or tablet repair experience, and there are always helpful guides available online. For severely damaged phones that prevent a new LCD assembly from sitting flush with a bent frame, this is the solution you need. Bending the existing chasis back in place can work, but this is far from ideal and can be a temporary fix.

We have the iPhone 6 replacement housing in all the stock colours such as black and silver and have a specific variety of custom colours available upon request they can be ordered.

  • Fully Tested Before Shipment
  • Includes Corresponding SIM Tray
  • Same Day Shipping in Canada
  • Lifetime Warranty w/ Free Returns

Perfection Guaranteed

Whether you’re an established repair shop or a DIY tech looking to replace your own housing, our kits come with everything you need to preform a seamless swap. SIM tray, extra screws, and as always, we are a quick email away if you need any assistance with preforming the swap.

Done For You Service

You just want a red iPhone 6/6S/6S+ housing so you stand out, look cool, and get all the girls/guys. We get it. Leave the nerdy work to us and ship us your phone for a professional housing replacement service that is guaranteed to make your tired phone look as fresh as possible. Fill out the form below and we’ll cover shipping both ways anywhere in North America!

Custom Solutions

Don’t see the color you want? We have the connections to get almost anything you can imagine, so feel free to contact us if there is a specific housing colour or arrangement you are looking for.

Gold iPhone 6/6S/6+/6S+ Housing Replacement

If you want to stand out, and you want people to know you’re a custom type of person, there is no better way than a flashy and bold gold housing repair. Cases are a temporary solution, opting for a full gold back and front aluminium replacement. Go big or go home with this custom modification, whether we do it or you – can’t go wrong with bold gold!


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