Why Is My iPhone Screen Black?

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You wake up, and before you can even grab your beloved coffee, you check your phone (obviously) and see it’s not turning on.

“Must have not charged it last night” you think. But plugging it in for a few minutes doesn’t yield that satisfying Apple logo and you start to wonder what could be wrong with your beloved iPhone.


iPhone plugged into wall and charging

This happens far too often and the reality is there can be a few different reasons for this occurring – some severe and some quite mild. Here is the checklist in order of escalating severity we’d recommend going through before totally giving up and crying into your pillow with a pint of gourmet ice cream.

Check Your Charging Cable & Block

Your phone came with a lightning charging cable that is what is known as MFI-certified. These are cables that have been certified by Apple as up-to-par and the manufacturers must not only pay a licensing fee to market them but the program is quite picky. MFI stands for Made for iPhone and you may be familiar with the well recognized white and black logo. Often times third-party lightning cables can have a very short lifespan as they are usually made with sub-par materials and workmanship. If your phone isn’t charging, make sure you are using a legit charger that you know works. Note, the same can be said for the wall charging adapter, also known as charging block.

iPhone Battery Issues

For older devices, it is also very possible that your battery is just finished. With the end of 2017 approaching, if you are still holding onto an iPhone 5 then your overall battery lifespan is probably defunct.

Comparatively, Apple has definitely increased the battery life as measured in mAH with each subsequent device release – but with your apps and iOS version demanding more and more each few months its a never ending battle for battery percentage.

Battery Life By iPhone Model

  • iPhone 5 – 1440 mAH
  • iPhone 5S – 1560 mAH
  • iPhone 6 – 1810 mAH
  • iPhone 6+ – 2915 mAH
  • iPhone 6S – 1715 mAH
  • iPhone 6S+ – 2750 mAH
  • iPhone 7 – 1960 mAH
  • iPhone 7+ – 2900 mAH

As you can see there hasn’t been that much of an upgrade to battery life and capacity, but we can definitely see there has been an upgrade in quality and quantity of apps. Most of your video is streamed in 1080p and your camera has probably gotten way better so this all contributes to using more battery life. Take your phone to a local Toronto cell phone repair shop to get the battery swapped out, and if this works that will probably solve the issue.

iPhone LCD Screen Backlight Damage

If you are rough with your phone, perhaps dropping it from moderate distances you might have broken the screen. Now before you claim you are not that clumsy idiot that drops their phone everywhere, and that there is no crack or break on the screen, we need to explain. There is the possibility that the interior flex cable connection or backlight behind your LCD digitizer has been broken due to a small fall. If this is the case, definitely visit either our Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary or Ottawa locations and get the screen replaced to restore your device to it’s previous glory.


iPhone with broken backlight



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