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With no Apple Store within a convenient distance of Langley, and everyone relying extremely heavily on their phones – you’re going to need a professional and quick option for fixing your phone when something goes wrong. We’ve made the process of fixing your broken screen, or any other hardware issue as seamless as possible. Broken iPhone 6/7 screens, dead batteries, finicky charging ports and even water damage – we can diagnose and fix it all.


 Let’s get your phone fixed today!

Professional Repairs

Repairs are fast, convenient and affordable through us – broken or cracked screens can be replaced within an hour, and are fully backed up by a warranty that covers our parts and installation.

Screen Protectors, Cases & More

Do your best to avoid accidents in the future with a stylish and functional case that shows off your personality while insuring against mishaps.

We Buy Used / Broken Phones

Stop dreaming about the new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone and go get it! We’ll give you top dollar for your used, unwanted or broken phones or tablets and save you the headache and inconvenience of meeting a random person at Tim Horton’s.

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Common Phone & Tablet Issues We Can Fix

No one plans on breaking their device, or on having any problems in that aspect, so this may be your first time becoming familiar with what can and can’t be fixed by our technicians. Take a look at the issues below, and if your problem isn’t detailed and listed give us a call or fill out the form and we’ll be in touch within a few hours at most.

My iPhone screen is black and won’t show anything?!

We wrote an extensive blog post on this issue, but the cliffs notes version is that we can definitely diagnose this issue as it may be caused by a multitude of issues ranging from broken screens to poor battery life and even water damage. If your screen is damaged in any way, and we’re talking about an iPhone 6 for the sake of simplicity the entire front LCD assembly will have to be replaced.

My iPhone battery sucks, and I didn’t do anything to cause this 🙁

We’ve all experienced a poor battery capacity and it can definitely be frustrating. Unfortunately, most iPhone’s have not had significant battery improvements that match the increase in app battery usage. The fastest solution to this, other than using options such as Night Shift, Low Power Mode and toggling backlight brightness is defintiely a full battery replacment, The iPhone 6/7 still uses a polymer Lithium-Ion battery which only has a certain number of charge/re-charge cycles. At a certain point, coming into our Langley phone repair shop for a fast battery swap is the best course of action.

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