Sell Your Old / Broken LCD’s For Cash Today!

Constant inventory is key for any cell phone repair shops that want to give themselves the best chance of servicing the most customers possible. The last thing you need is someone willing to pay top dollar for a certain phone repair but not having the inventory on hand.

We can help in two main ways

  1. Instant cash for your broken glass, working OEM LCD’s.
  2. Instant swaps at competitive rates for broken glass, working OEM LCD’s.

Not only does this increase the average margins for your repairs month over month, but it allows you to keep your inventory constantly stacked with OEM quality refurbished screens that have all been meticulously refurbished and tested within Canada.

Grade A LCD (Broken Glass, Working LCD, OEM Original)

  • iPhone 5/5S – $6
  • iPhone 5C – $2
  • iPhone 6 – $13
  • iPhone 6+ – $23
  • iPhone 6S – $16
  • iPhone 6S+ – $32
  • iPhone 7 – $33
  • iPhone 7+ – $43

Do you buy aftermarket LCD’s?

We don’t buy them, however we can refurbish them for a competitive fee. Alternatively, we’d always recommend prioritizing your customers OEM screens as they always have original backlight, touch IC and flex cable, which make a big difference for the quality and durability for your customers. We’ve written an extensive blog post on the differences between aftermarket and OEM LCD’s and why you should be offering both to any prospective customers.

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