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Our aim is to make the process of getting your phone, tablet or other mobile device fixed in Moncton as seamless as possible. We all know how annoying a broken iPhone screen can be – no one ever plans on breaking it, and if it get’s really bad than you’ll probably need immediate help. For any type of basic iPhone screen replacement, we use OEM parts and back up all our repairs with an extensive warranty so you know you’re safe from the possibility of defective parts (however not from physical or liquid damage).

We fix a variety of issues, whether you know what the problem is or not, we can diagnose your device and get it sorted out for you.


┬áLet’s get your phone or tablet fixed today!

Fast iPad Glass & LCD Repairs

Kids love iPad’s, so much so that you really appreciate what they can do when your tablet isn’t functioning. Most of the time we see cracked or broken screens its from being dropped or falling off a table or surface and these are definitely fixable issues. The price does vary depending on your exact model, but fixing individual cracks or blemishes isn’t very cost effective, so we do a full LCD replacement.

Unlocking Services

Get free from the restrictions of your cellular carrier with out networking unlocking service. Within 24 hours, sometimes instantly, we can have your device free to work on ANY cellular network not only within Canada, but worldwide.

Same Day Screen Repair

Obviously no one likes or plans to break their iPhone screen, but chances are you’ve done it yourself or seen friends walk around with broken phone screens. We can get your iPhone 5S, 6 and even 7 screen fixed within an hour at competitive rates using the best available components. Contact us today to book your repair!

We Buy Broken Phones

Have some older phones or tablets around the house you’re not using? We’ll give you the fairest market value for your phone, regardless of the colour, condition, carrier or capacity. Bring them by today!

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