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Find the perfect accessories and get that weird crack in your screen fixed with our convenient Sarnia cell repair service. Obviously, no one plans on breaking their beautiful new iPhone 6 or 7 screen or having hardware issues, but when you do run into them – we’ve got you covered. Most repairs you’ll run into with an older iPhone 6/6S model such as battery, charging port or a damaged LCD screen can be fixed within an hour or less by our trained and certified technicians.

Let’s get your phone fixed today!

Diagnose & Repair

Not sure what’s wrong with your phone, or if it’s even worth fixing? Call or come in and we can let you know what the cost is and be fully transparent, before we even get started.

Protect Your Device

Avoid the awkward broken screen in the future with a case and screen protector that not only makes you look awesome, but doesn’t break the bank.

Issues We Fix

  • Broken or Cracked iPhone/iPad Screens
  • Weak or Dead Batteries
  • Charging Port Replacements
  • Water Damage Diagnosis

iPhone Battery Replacement Done In 10 Minutes

Over time, your phone battery will naturally fade especially after so many charge and re-charge cycles, and the unfortunate fact is that there is little Apple can do about it other than offer you the newest iPhone model. The actually reality is that replacing your battery with a fresh OEM quality unit is much easier than forking out the cash and negotiating with your carrier which is never fun. If your iPhone or Android cell phone is suffering from poor battery life, but everything else seems to be working fine, a quick battery replacement, which can literally be done in less than an hour is the perfect way to extend the lifespan of your device.

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