Broken phones definitely suck, but what’s often worse is a sketchy repair service that leaves you hoping your expensive smartphone isn’t transformed into an expensive paperweight. We spend so much money and time on our phones that it can often feel like a family member and you don’t want to leave it with just any Scarborough area phone repair shop.

We Come To You → Phone & Tablet Repair in Scarborough, ON

Carrier Unlock ANY Device

Free yourself from the restrictions of carriers like Telus, Rogers, and Bell! Our unlock provides you the ability to use your Apple or Android phone on ANY GSM network worldwide and can be done the same day.

1 Hour Screen Repair

Broken screens, poor battery life, and even smaller issues like speakers and microphones malfunctioning are easily solved within an hour by our professional, vetted and efficient technicians. Not sure what’s wrong with your device? Contact us for a quick and free diagnosis, we’re always here to help.

Boost Battery Life

Poor battery life is unfortunately inevitable with older phones, however if everything else is operating correctly this is no reason to give up on your device. From the iPhone 5S, to the 6 or 6S battery replacements are an economical way to extend the lifespan of your phone and avoid expensive new $1,000+ smartphones.


We get many customers coming to us confused and frustrated that their iPhone won’t turn on. Often the screens are black, or they can hear incoming text and call notifications but not see anything on the LCD display. In most cases this is due to a damaged iPhone screen which can be replaced relatively easily, and usually within an hour. You may have dropped your phone and damaged the back light connector or the internal connecting between the LCD and the logic board. If you cannot hear any sounds and your phone is literally unresponsive, this may be a battery issue which is also a cost-effective repair we can do anywhere in Etobicoke, Markham and Scarborough.

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