Sell Your Used iPad or Tablet For Cash Today

With each new iOS release, many Apple users are experiencing significant slow downs when using their year or two old iPad’s. If your iPad 2 or 3 is not cutting it anymore, we offer fair market value for used, broken or unwanted tablets and specifically Apple iPad’s.

If you’ve broken your iPad screen and figured you might as well upgrade, get some quick cash and perhaps invest in the newer model we are the perfect solution. No matter how you want to get paid, PayPal or E-Transfer, or even cheque, we’re flexible and can get payment out within 24 hours.


 Top Dollar Paid for ANY Condition iPad & Tablets

What Determines How Much My iPad Is Worth?

Definitely a good question, if you are thinking about selling your iPad, there are several factors that determine how much we’ll pay for your device.  Primarily, the older your iPad is, the less it will be worth in general. There are newer models with retina displays, more storage capacity, and generally more features/compatibility coming out every year so extremely old models like the iPad 2 don’t hold as much value as something like the iPad Pro which has the most compatibility with newer apps.

We Buy Damaged or Broken iPad’s

If fixing a broken or cracked iPad screen is out of your budget, or you’d rather not deal with it at this point – we’ll still buy your iPad! Depending on the level of damage, we can usually offer a very fair price on your devices with broken, cracked or unresponsive digitizers and LCD’s. Other issues like depressed or damaged home and power buttons will be taken into consideration, but they can definitely be purchased if your not interested in the cost or time involved with getting it fixed yourself.

Sell Your iPad Mini For Cash Today

First released in 2012, the iPad Mini is a smaller version of the regular iPad with a screen size of 7.9 instead of 9.7. Many Apple consumers flocked to it citing the ability of the device to be more suitable for travel, but a portion soon realized it was better to just use their iPhone 6, or just splurge on a ‘full size’ tablet.  There have been four iterations of the iPad Mini, but if yours is looking rough, damaged or you just want cash for it now so you can upgrade, we can definitely buy your tablet no matter what the condition.

What Model iPad Do I Have?

If you don’t know what model iPad you have, or perhaps your looking to sell a tablet for someone else, that’s not a problem. There is usually a number on the back, bottom centre of your device like A1395 for example.

Use the table below to guide yourself in identifying what model iPad you have, which will help us give you the best price possible. Check the table out here


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