Telus IMEI Blacklist Checker

Telus is a major cellular carrier in Canada, and similar to Rogers they have some great deals on Android and Apple devices on both contracts and per-per-use models. Like most Canadians, you might be irritated by the need to use your Telus phone, solely on their network. Unlocking your iPhone 6 if you have one is a good first step, but before you can unlock your phone, you’ll need to verify that it’s not blacklisted via the IMEI number and valid for use on the Telus network.

What’s a blacklist and what’s an IMEI?

Launched in 2013, the National Blacklist was started to deter theft of cellular devices by making sure they are listed as unusable on all North American cellular networks. So for example, if your purse or bag was stolen, you could report it stolen ASAP and be absolved of responsibility for any charges. The mechanism for this is basically called an IMEI, or International Mobile Equipment Identity number. Similar to your drivers license or passport number, it connects your personal account on the network to your phone or cellular enabled tablet.

What do I do if my phone is blacklisted?

If your phone was originally yours and it has been accidentally blacklisted or perhaps lost and then recovered, you can remove it from the national blacklist by proving ownership to your carrier. Most people should be checking their IMEI’s against the national blacklist when buying pre-owned or used phones, and if it IS listed as stolen, then avoiding it like the plague as it simply won’t work anywhere in North America.

Alternatively if you’ve come across a blacklisted phone, or perhaps you have one you are looking to get rid of we do buy iPhones anywhere in Canada at competitive and fair rates.

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