Sell Your Used Phone For Cash In Ottawa

With a new Android and Apple device being released every 10-12 months, and costs rising to close to $1,500CAD for a full capacity smartphone, there is definitely a reason to sell your used phone. Options for selling your cell phone have previously been limited shady deals off Kijiji, Facebook, or simply letting it gather dust in your top drawer.

We’re aiming to change that with a seamless, transparent and ultimately fair process for buying your broken, used, or simply unwanted cell phones and tablets.


 Top Dollar For Your Used or Broken Phone

How Much Can I Sell My Phone For?

The value of your phone depends on a few different factors, all of which we’ll try and explain below. Of course these are subject to our discretion, so we would recommend contacting us using the form to the right and we can provide a comprehensive quote.

iCloud Status

The first thing you should do before selling us your phone is login to and remove your phone from your account. This allows us to actually access the phone and make sure it’s got all your private data wiped and the new owner can enjoy their device properly. If for whatever reason you aren’t able to get the phone iCloud unlocked, we can still purchase your phone, however this will be reflected in the price.  If you need any assistance with this, feel free to contact us.

Carrier Status

Using your phones IMEI we can find out what carrier your phone is locked to and whether it’s on the national blacklist or not. This gives us an idea of the value in terms of usability, and how popular your phone will be. If your phone is unlocked this does increase the value of your phone, but don’t hesitate to inquire regardless of which carrier you’re locked to.

Physical Condition

Obviously, physical condition is important as well. Screen functionality, as well as all the other basic functions working is something we test for, as well as the cosmetic condition of the housing of your phone. We know phones go through a lot, so if you feel like your phone is in rough shape don’t hesitate to contact us!

15 digit number located on the back, bottom center of your phone. Also available under Settings > General > About
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