Victoria, BC iPhone Repairs

Fast and professional iPhone, iPad and Android repair done right the first time. We know no one plans on having hardware or software issues with their phone, especially given the cost of most devices being upwards of $1,000. However when you hear that sickening crack of your phone on the bathroom tile or driveway, we’re here to help in Victoria and North Vancouver

Carriers and manufacturers have a notoriously bad reputation for fast service in these cases and that’s where we come in. We can have battery, screen and other hardware issues diagnosed and fixed the same day whereas Apple or Rogers might take days or weeks to ship your phone off and leave you stranded with a loaner.

Fast & Friendly Phone Repairs in Victoria, BC

iPhone Screen Repair

The easiest part of your iPhone to break is the front LCD and glass that sits on top of it. Even moderate drops can break the connection between the LCD and your logic board leaving the touch function unresponsive. Unlike Apple, we can fix these issues within 30-40 minutes and leave you with a functioning phone again. Pricing depends on your model, with newer phones costing more to repair.

  • iPhone Screen Repair Starting from $80

Battery Replacement

If you’ve managed to hold onto your phone for a few years, the one thing you can’t responsibly avoid is battery drain. There are lithium-ion batteries in all original iPhone’s and with more and more apps using more battery life every month, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll need your entire battery replaced. Unfortunately we can’t increase the overall capacity, but we can install a new battery which should make it last just as long as it did the day you got your phone.

  • iPhone Battery Replacement Starting at $69

iPad Glass Repairs

Apple has their Apple Care + program for iPhone issues, however it has failed to come up with a course of action for those with damaged iPad devices. Luckily we can get your iPad screen fixed within 24 hours in most cases for much less than the cost of a new tablet. We fix all models, from the iPad 2 all the way up to the iPad Pro series. Other issues can be fixed as well, including charge ports, audio speakers and batteries.

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